A Safe and Supportive Space   

Help fund a safe and supportive place for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community in Waterloo Region.  

Donating to SPECTRUM

What We Do

SPECTRUM provides a safe space for members of the LGBTQ2s+ community to be open about who they are– and build a group of friends. We host support groups, events, workshops and work with partner agencies to create safe spaces and support our community. We are working to develop a positive space region through our Rainbow safe space training delivered at local organizations across the region. SPECTRUM is the only charitable group in Waterloo Region whose work centres on supporting the LGBTQ2s+ community every week of the year.


What Your Gifts Can Do

$15 will provide bus tickets for a week to help participants attend our events.

$30 will provide munchies for a week for our events.

$115 will pay our rent for a week.


Our Long-Term Goal

We need an additional $500 per month so that we can move to a new home that is close to bus lines and better equipped to serve our growing community.


How You Can Donate

As a charitable non-profit organization, SPECTRUM is able to give you income-tax receipts for your donations.   

For other donation options see HERE.

For additional information, contact our Treasurer at finance@ourspectrum.com

Thanks to Our Donors

And now – a shout-out to thank the folks who have already donated to SPECTRUM.  Your gifts have helped us keep our doors open and support the rainbow community.

From Our Community

“When I came out of the closet rather late in life, I felt alone and disconnected. SPECTRUM provided me with support I needed to live authentically as a proud member of the LGBTQ community. I am now pleased to serve as one of their volunteers.”


“As a transgender woman coming out in KW over the last decade I felt very isolated from the LGBTQ+ community until I was introduced by a friend to SPECTRUM a few years back. I have connected with a community who have made me feel welcome, connected, supported, respected and included.”

Transfolk are among the most vulnerable in our community.   SPECTRUM’s support groups help protect them from the despair that claims so many lives in our country.