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SPECTRUM is built on the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. From the volunteer Board of Directors, to event organizers and group facilitators, to special projects, research, staffing drop-in hours, administrative work and much more, nothing happens at SPECTRUM not created by volunteer work.

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Please use the form below to apply to be a volunteer, or download a PDF of the form to complete and return to SPECTRUM.

Library Manager

Position Description

The Library Managers will have the opportunity to organize and coordinate many important administrative tasks. This includes creating brief cataloguing information for the backlog of uncatalogued books and for any new acquisitions & ensuring that the materials on the shelf are in order by scanning them every couple of months.

Library Managers will also be responsible for verifying that materials are returned in a timely fashion, suggesting possible purchases, and devising strategies for promoting the use of these resources. Preexisting skills such as organization, communication, assessment and planning will not only be practiced thoroughly with this position but will enhance over the course of volunteering with SPECTRUM!

Volunteers for this position must be either professional librarians or library technicians.

Impact Statement

SPECTRUM maintains a library of around 700 books and 270 videos for the benefit of the local LGBTQ community. By providing your valuable time and effort, you will be enhancing the library experience for all visitors!

Time Commitment

Cataloguing might take 4 hours per month. The time commitment for other tasks varies, ranging from 2 hours per month to a total of 5 hours per month. The tasks do not have to be performed by one person.

We are asking for a commitment to this position of at least 7 months.

Training Details

Library managers will work with experienced staff to learn the procedures.

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You must be of Age of Majority (18 years old) in Ontario to volunteer. If you are below the age of majority, you may require express written consent of a legal guardian to volunteer with SPECTRUM. If you are seeking to fulfill secondary education volunteer work requirements, documentation must be provided before eligible work hours are performed.

For certain volunteer roles, such as fundraising or reception, a Police Check may be required.