All gender restrooms

Gender-neutral Washrooms in Waterloo Region

Purpose of this Survey: Many public washrooms are labelled by gender. People who do not clearly conform to the gender with which they identify can encounter hostility when they use the washroom of their choice. This survey identifies public washrooms that are not restricted to a particular gender.

Colour Coding:

GREEN = buildings where you are not expected to spend money – such as government buildings/offices, recreational centres, libraries, shopping malls, large health centres and hospitals

BROWN = a few businesses where you may be expected to spend money – such as cafés and restaurants.

Adding Information to this Survey: We are still working on this survey. You can help us by letting us know of additional washrooms that can be used by the public. We like to include the name & address of the facility, number and type of gender-neutral washrooms (e.g. 2 one-stall washrooms) and their location in the building (if it is a large building). Our email address is

Visit the map of Waterloo Region Gender-neutral Washrooms