The Rainbow Pages (resource directory)

The Rainbow Pages – Waterloo-Wellington is a directory of Waterloo-Wellington resources of particular interest to the local LGBTQ+ communities. We are including Wellington County in the scope since the two communities are so closely linked together. In this edition, we are restricting resources to groups, agencies and professionals who offer services likely to be of interest to the local LGBTQ communities. In the subsequent editions we expect to broaden the scope to include commercial establishments that do not offer professional services. NOTE: The only resources that we include that are not based in Waterloo-Wellington are Ontario-wide service agencies.

Edition 3.1 (© 2018, June) is available in print form at SPECTRUM, and in electronic form below:

The Rainbow Pages Edition 3.1 Numerical Order (2018, June)

The Rainbow Pages Edition 3.1 Printing Shop Order (2018, June)

An up-to-date online searchable version is located at:

The Rainbow Pages Searchable Online Edition (Up-To-Date)  This includes all resources added since 2018, August.

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