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SPECTRUM is Waterloo Region’s first ever LGBTQ / Rainbow community space!

[For definitions that help define our community, see LGBTQ TERMINOLOGY from the UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center.]

A safe space for our community, SPECTRUM is so much more. Programming, social groups, special projects, research, events, resources, a DVD library – SPECTRUM is the center of our rainbow community.

We opened our doors on 7 August 2012. Our space is a stepping stone towards a larger community centre in the future.


Our Vision: To provide a physical and public space for the Rainbow community in the Waterloo Region.
Our Mission: SPECTRUM is a volunteer-based LGBTQ community venue that is sustainable, supportive, positive and a safe space for people of all ages in the Waterloo Region. By providing resources, information, rainbow-related events, and programming, SPECTRUM will work together with partners and allies to ensure a strong and inclusive community
    • To establish, maintain and operate a facility for the LGBTQ/Rainbow community that is inclusive to the general public.
    • To educate the general public in issues and better understanding of the LGBTQ/Rainbow community with a specific focus on positive level of engagement and relationships in the community.
    • To develop training and education programs for the LGBTQ/Rainbow community.
    • To liaise with other charitable, non-profit community and government agencies and organizations in developing training and educational programs for people in the community.
We are incorporated as a non-profit corporation with Ontario Corporation Number 1899642. We are working toward gaining charitable status. Find SPECTRUM’s Bylaws here.

Our Articles of Incorporation are laid out in our 2016-05-13 Supplementary Letters Patent (from the Government of Ontario) which approve us as a charity.  Our Ontario Corporation Number is 1899642.  We are working on the next step – approval as a charity by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Here is a copy of the SPECTRUM Code of Practice.   This code of practice describes SPECTRUM’S expectations of all Board of Directors, volunteers and participants at the SPECTRUM Community Space, meetings, functions, media events, and any other community happenings.

If you are interested in applying to become a Director of the SPECTRUM Board, please fill out the SPECTRUM Board Application Package and return it to SPECTRUM.
Highlights from our history can be found here.

SPECTRUM volunteers have been featured in interviews in the media about our programs and services, as well as other matters related to the rainbow community.  Here are some of those interviews.

SPECTRUM has been honoured by being the recipient of various awards and special grants.  Here is a listing of recent awards and grants.

Board of Directors

  • Tom Connelly – Marketing/Promotion Coordinator
  • Nicky Dierx – Fundraising & Special Events Coordinator
  • Randy Farrell – Director at Large
  • Cait Glasson – President & Communications Liaison Coordinator   info@ourspectrum.com
  • Melissa Paige Kennedy – Transgender Services Coordinator  trans@ourspectrum.com
  • Sunna Murphy – Vice-President & Community Engagement Director  
  • Jim Parrott – Treasurer & Executive Director (interim) 
  • Kari Verge – Secretary & Documents Officer 

Front row from left to right: Melissa Paige Kennedy, Randy Farrell, Sunna Murphy.
Back row from left to right: Jim Parrott, Kari Verge, Nicky Dierx and Tom Connelly.
Missing in Action – Cait Glasson

Roles of Board Members & Other Volunteers

  • Aging with Pride Committee Liaison – Randy Farrell
  • Breaking the Silence on Hidden Violence Liaison – Randy Farrell
  • Communications Liaison Coordinator — Cait Glasson
  • Community Engagement Director –Sunna Murphy
  • Documents Officer – Kari Verge
  • Financial Committee Chair – Jim Parrott
  • Fundraising & Special Events Coordinator – Nicky Dierx
  • Librarian – to be determined
  • Marketing/Promotion Coordinator – Tom Connelly
  • PFLAG Liaison – Jim Parrott
  • Program Coordinator – Jim Parrott
  • Queercraft Liaison – Sunna Murphy
  • “Rainbow Community Calendar” Editor – Lyn McGinnis
  • Rainbow Newcomers Coordinator – Shane Bauman
  • Social Media Coordinator – Tom Connelly
  • Trans Services Coordinator – Melissa Paige Kennedy
  • WRDSB Equity & Inclusion Advisory Group Liaison – Sue Senior
  • Youth Outreach Coordinator – Sue Senior



  • Lydia Della Rocca
  • Nicky Dierx
  • Sunna Murphy
  • Jim Parrott
  • Thom Ryan
  • Bruce Walker
  • Scott Williams

Information Services

  • Lydia Della Rocca
  • Cait Glasson
  • Lyn McGinnis
  • Sunna Murphy
  • Jim Parrott
  • Thom Ryan

Volunteer Management

  • Lydia Della Rocca

Community Portal

  • Cait Glasson
  • Leia Lane
  • Jim Parrott
  • Thom Ryan
  • Kate Schmitt

Aging with Pride

  • Colin Boucher
  • Tom Connelly
  • Randy Farrell
  • Stevie Forbes-Roberts
  • Cait Glasson
  • Jim Parrott
  • Marlene Pfaff
  • Dianne Roedding
  • Barb Wilson

Historical Project

  • Georgina de Barros
  • Jim Parrott
  • Natalia Smiarowski


welcomes the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer community (for definitions see About Us), their families, friends and allies. We serve Waterloo Region, including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge & area.

Donate to SPECTRUM today!

Donate to SPECTRUM


Waterloo Region’s Rainbow Community Space

Drop-In Hours: Fridays 7-10 PM, and Saturdays 2-5 PM

283 Duke Street West, Unit 210
(corner of Duke St W and Breithaupt)
Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2H 3X7
Telephone: 226 779-9695

A view of the entrance to the Boehmer Box Building at 283 Duke Street, Kitchener, where SPECTRUM makes it's home.

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