SPECTRUM launches two new trans support programs

SPECTRUM is pleased to announce the launch of two new programs aimed at supporting Transgender people and their partners, friends, and family:

Partners, Family and Friends of Transgender Folk:

Coming out as transgender is an incredibly challenging journey not only for the transgender identifying individual, but also for their partners, family, and friends. As transgender folk we often lose sight of the effect our transition has on those who love and support us. This support group is for non-transgender folk who have someone in their life who is transgender. It is a place of shared community where you can chat with others who are also learning how to adapt to this new world. We meet the second Wednesday of every month from 7PM – 9PM.

Join us for the launch of this program on Wednesday June 9th at 7PM. Contact us for access details.    

45+ Transgender Folk

Those of us born prior to the digital age grew up in an era where there was little information, understanding or support on being transgender. This lack of access to information and community uniquely shaped our journey. Come and join others in exploring and sharing with others just like you. This drop-in group is open to 45+ Transgender identifying folks. We meet the second Thursday of every month from 7PM – 9PM.

Join us for the launch of this program on Thursday June 10th at 7PM. Contact us for access details.    


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