My name is Jennifer Albu (she/her). Many years ago, I attended York University and got a BA in Computer Science. I have worked in IT throughout my career mostly in database and data warehouse development. Currently I am helping the fortune 100 with their Data Governance Programs.

I have many interests including horseback riding, hiking, reading, cooking, modern board gaming and I am an avid computer gamer (MMO’s & RPG’s). I live in Kitchener and have two grown daughters and three grand children.

What led you to volunteer at SPECTRUM?

I have a friend who knew about SPECTRUM, knew they had a games night and knew I love teaching people board games, so they strongly recommended that I apply.

Why is SPECTRUM important to you?

I am making new friends of all ages all over the 2SLGBTQ+ spectrum. I look forward to every Friday evening.

How does volunteering help you develop a sense of belonging or community?

It always feels good to give to others.

What’s on your playlist right now?

An Irish band called The Corrs “Leave Me Breathless”.


SPECTRUM offers a safe place where LGBTQ2+ individuals can be themselves and find community and supports.