Relaunch of SPECTRUM’s Rainbow Diversity Training program and new eLearning modules

In January, SPECTRUM embarked on a year-long capacity-building project – Project Excelsior – which was made possible by a generous grant from the LGBTQ2+ Community Capacity Fund.

At the beginning of the year, we conducted a series of community surveys to identify unmet needs in our community. Those surveys revealed a lack of community support for 2SLGBTQ+ people, and an overall lack of awareness or knowledge of 2SLGBTQ+ people and their experiences. As such, an overhaul and expansion of our Rainbow Diversity Training programs was identified as a key goal necessary to the success of the project.

Throughout the year, the Project Excelsior team has worked hard to expand our previous training into a new series of 2SLGBTQ+ cultural competency training offerings. As the year draws to a close, we’re pleased to be able to announce the relaunch of our Rainbow Diversity Training with two key offerings: workshops for organizations and online eLearning modules for individuals.

Workshops for Organizations

SPECTRUM’s Rainbow Diversity Training workshops help organizations along the path towards becoming more open and welcoming, as well as equitable and accessible to persons of all sexual and gender diversities, both to clients and employees of the organization.

Our series of RDT workshops can help organizations at all stages of their learning process:

●          Rainbow Diversity Training 101

●          Rainbow Diversity Training 102

●          Rainbow Diversity Training 201

●          Rainbow Diversity Training 301

●          Rainbow Diversity Training for Leaders

●          Aging with Pride (for senior-serving organizations)

We also have a one-hour lunch and learn that provides a condensed version of the 101 workshop.

Interested? You can find more information about topics covered in the workshops and pricing here.

Online eLearning modules for individuals

In addition to our training workshops for organization, SPECTRUM is very excited to announce the launch of two new eLearning courses.

Why offer online courses?

The continuing evolution of our cultural understanding of gender and sexuality can sometimes make it difficult for non-2SLGBTQ+ people who want to be respectful to avoid using terms that are outdated and possibly offensive. So SPECTRUM is here to help! SPECTRUM’s Rainbow Diversity Training eLearning courses are meant to help allies and people looking to become allies form basic understandings of 2SLGBTQ+ terms, concepts, and experiences.

SPECTRUM offers two options for eLearning about 2SLGBTQ+ basics:

  • Rainbow Diversity Training 101: a course covering basic terms and concepts
  • Rainbow Diversity Training 102: a supplementary course that covers privilege, intersectionality, and puts the basic terms into context

Users can choose either to purchase access to just the 101 course, or a discounted bundle including both the 101 and 102.

Want to learn more? More information about the courses and purchase options here.

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